Increase your productivity, the Actions are automatically processed, without a click.

1. This software runs
in the background on your PC or Server.

Runs on Windows background

2. New emails are detected
directly from your mailbox.

Emails live detection

3. Following your conditions,
it will carry tasks specified by you

Action to convert emails

In Automatic Email Manager you have a large variety of actions, from printing, converting in PDF, extracting emails, notify in Slack, ..., to replying to emails. All these actions are grouped in a scenario and applied to the account(s), amazingly easy to use, take a look to these functions:

 Print email body

You can choose to print full or part of an email body in html or text format, to any printer, even on receipt printer.

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 Print email attachments

Print all major attachments type like PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Photos, etc.

 Print a document separator

Between each emails you can print a page separator to separate the documents, the page can be from another tray (paper in color), with text or not.

 Save email body on any disk

Easily save your email body in different formats like PDF, text, eml, MSG, images, etc. Save on local or network storage.

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 Save and convert attachments to PDF

Get your email attachments saved on any disk, you can even convert some attachments like Word, Excel, text file, images, to PDF.

 Merge email body and attachments in a single PDF file

Save the email body with attachments in a PDF, you can even add page number, stamps (like received, shipped, etc).

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 Export emails in CSV database

Save each email in a CSV database to use later in Excel or any other app.

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 Send email with attachments

Send a customized email with or without attachments.

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 Reply email to send confirmation

Like sending email, you can reply an email with or without attachments.

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 Forward email

Like sending email but with original email included.

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 Send notification to your phone with Pushover

Receive a notification on a phone/tablet/desktop from Automatic Email Manager.

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 Send notification to your Slack channel

Get notifications about specific emails within Slack.

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 Send notification to Telegram messenger

Receive important email information in your Telegram Messenger.

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 Send notification to your Microsoft Teams

Be notified in your Microsoft Teams each time a specific email/attachments is available in your email box.

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 Send an HTTP command

Call a web page or an API with optional JSON content when an email is received.

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 Download file(s) from link in email body

Find files to download from the links inside the email body, then process them like a classic attachment.

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 Collect email addresses to a list

Create easily a list of emails addresses received that you can use in any other software like Excel, Word,...

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 Execute external program

If you want to run a script or external program when specific emails are received, it is simple...

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 Delete email on server email box

Set action to delete email just after other actions or after a specified number of days.

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 Copy or Move email to another folder on server

Great to keep a clean inbox #zeroinbox, emails are moved to another folder after being processed by Automatic Email Manager.

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 Change the email flag directly on server

You can change the status of an email after it’s been processed, like Important/Urgent/Mark as read or unread.

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 Assign a category

Only for Office365, you can assign a category automatically to the emails in the mailbox. It helps you to organize your email box.

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 Change email subject

Only for Office365 and Exchange account, you can change the subject of the email, directly in the email box, by adding or removing text.

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 Discover the rescue action

Available for all major actions you can execute another action if the main action fails, for example if merging email and attachments fails it will execute an action to send an email or save without merging.

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