What's new in version 9?

We listened to you and added a lot of great features,
You will    this version.

Important things so as not to be lost on the first start:
1. This version is a free update for all customers having a version 7 or 8.

2. We changed the denomination for the group of actions, now it is called: Scenario, which is more explicit. A scenario has multiple actions and is applied to one or more accounts.

3. The user interface has been modernized; it is a big change but necessary for the future, please give it a chance.
Automatic Email Manager V9 new user interface

New global features

  • Dashboard: See a summarize of the notifications, problems occurred, stats,...
  • Assistant to Backup and Restore your settings/data/license easily
  • The attachments inside a PDF can now be processed, like any other email’s attachments. You can enable this feature in the options, section ‘Email attachment’
  • New options for attachments when printing and saving
  • Added Spintax when sending email
    The term spintax is a contraction of ‘spinning syntax’, Spintax means that the same sentence can be used repeatedly, with a different word being substituted in place of the original word.
  • Convert attachments to multiple formats
    Choose for each action the format you want to save the file, for example: Pdf to text, Excel to csv, pdf, html, PowerPoint to PDF,...
  • Support for PowerPoint (ppt/pptx) file
    For the actions Print attachments, Save attachments, Convert in PDF, Image, Html,...
  • You can apply multiple stamps when printing or saving in PDF
  • The accounts can be set in manual mode, run one time and stay in pause
  • New functions to extract text: REPLACE(%FIELD%,SearchText,ReplaceText) / REMOVE(%FIELD,SearchText)
  • New text transformation in the Data Extractor, you add text, remove, replace,...
  • Save email and attachments in single PDF can now create 1 file per attachment (email + 1 attachment)
  • REMOVED: Push interval has been removed for all types of accounts, it is updated with a fixed interval every 30 seconds
Dashboad to keep an eye on Automatic Email Manager

Great new Actions

Get push notification on your phone
  • Action Push Notification
    Receive on your phone (iOS/Android) a notification when a specific email / attachments is received. We use the service of PushOver, very easy to setup
  • Action Slack Notification
    Publish on any Slack channel your email notifications, can include the files attached to the emails
  • Action Telegram messenger Notification
    Receive messages in your Telegram messenger each time a specific email is received
  • Action Microsoft Teams Notification
    Be notified in your Teams discussion when a new email is coming
  • Action Download file from links in email
    If you receive email with documents links in your email body, now Automatic Email Manager can download these files.
Download files from email body
Export email in database
  • Action Export emails in CSV database
    You can create a list of messages processed to be read in Excel or any other software which accept CSV file. This list can be daily, monthly, annually ,...
  • Action Assign one or more categories to a message
    Only for Office365 email account, you can assign a category easily or remove all categories for the message in your emailbox.
Apply categories to email in O365

A lot of improvements

  • When you edit a scenario, you can disable (pause) any actions
  • Added an individual password for each file type like Excel, Word, Ppt, PDF files
  • Reports send by default an attached CSV file with all messages processed
  • Uncompressing Zip files with password is now supported
  • Send email, reply and forward: You can now attach multiples files
  • Send email, reply and forward: You can use the data extractor model to create message
  • Account scheduler is more simple
  • Condition: More simple to use operator OR, enter one value per line
  • Improved function to extract text: Left / Mid / Right can now be used multiple times in the field
  • Display notification for new messages can now stay on screen until a click on it, see options (by default it disappears after 10 seconds).
Pause actions in the scenario

If you want to read what was new in previous version 8, take a look here »

Try this new version, it is a free update for all customers running version 7 or 8

How to upgrade to version 9?

If you are using a version 7 or 8, Automatic Email Manager will notify you to install this update like a regular update.

From an old version 6, 5, 4,..., you have received some years ago some emails with instructions on how to upgrade, but in case you miss it you have just to download and install the demo version from here », then at first run it will import your old data (you need a new license to use it after 30 days).

Any question?

We are happy to answer your questions about our product.