Automatic Email Manager takes care of repetitive tasks with
your emails and attachments that can take up valuable time and energy every days.

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Automate emails processes in less than 5 minutes with more than 20 actions


For your Windows PC

Why Automatic Email Manager is good for your business:

  • Increase your productivity easily.
  • Get more time to focus on your work, save time & money with automation.
  • It is safe as it will not process unknown attachment type.
  • Automatic Email Manager runs independently in the background with or without user logged on your PC/server.
  • It doesn't need Outlook or any other email reader.
  • Keep control on your data, your data are stored only to the computer you installed Automatic Email Manager.
Main interface
Printer for email and attachment

Automatically receive your emails and documents on your printers.

  • Add page number and/or stamp(s) with date, time, or any other information
  • Print all attachments like PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, eFax, etc
  • Add conditions to print only legitimate emails & attachments
  • Extract email part to be printed with the data extractor
  • Working on background, stay focus on your work ;)
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Save your email as PDF, text, eml, etc.

  • Choose the saving format you need: PDF, EML, MSG, TXT, Image
  • When your email is converted to PDF, you can add stamp(s), like 'Received.'
  • Save all attachments on any drive locally or on a network
  • Convert attachments in PDF and save it on disk*
  • Use conditions to process only legitimate emails & attachments
  • Create archives and backup your emails
*Only some attachments types can be converted in PDF
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Save email in any format
Slack connector

Receive email notification on your Slack, Teams, Telegram

Get notified within your famous communication tool, as soon as a new specific email is available in your inbox. You can even receive the files attached to email directly in your Slack or Telegram channel.

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Send, reply or forward emails automatically

Do you need to send confirmation automatically or simply forward an email copy? Do you need to send emails if a specific email or attachment is received?

  • Action to send an email
  • Action to reply an email
  • Action to forward an email
  • Use your own email template
  • You can even add automatic attachments (files or a full folder)
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Sending email

Organize your inbox by deleting, copying or moving emails to another folder

Our solution is very useful for actions like printing emails, saving emails, and moving emails to an archive folder.
You can also easily delete illegitimate emails to keep your inbox clean!

  • Delete email after process or after x days
  • Move or copy to another folder for backup or archiving
Learn more about deleting, copying, and moving emails »
Move email folder
download file from link

Download files from links in email

Find the link(s) in the email body, download them, then process the file(s) like a classic attachment...

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Email export in database

Export list of emails
in CSV

Get the list of emails received in a CSV file, open it with any software like Excel, Opencalc, import in your database,...

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Send notification

Send notification to your phone

Receive a notification on your phone when a specific email or attachment is received.

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change email state to seen or unseen

Change email state

Change the email state, when other actions are done, to read or unread, important, ...

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Email data extractor

Extract data from email

Create models to extract data from your email body, like part of an order, or address,...

  • Extract from email HTML body or TEXT body
  • Use data extractor models when printing or saving email
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Execute command

Execute external program

Do you have a script to run an external program or command like a .bat when new emails or attachments are available?

Read more on misc. functions »

Works with any email box

It is extremely easy to setup with the assistant, it is able to connect to any email box like Gmail, Exchange server, Cloud emails service Office 365, Yahoo mail, Hotmail,, Orange mail, Verizon, any IMAP4 or POP3, ...

  • Support modern authentication (OAUTH) for Gmail, Office 365
  • Process emails at regular intervals (for example every 10 minutes or 1 hour or 5 seconds) or manually
  • Process emails at specific hour (for example everyday at 09:00AM)
  • You can also use the advanced scheduler and define to check only some days between a specific time range
All emails types supported

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Conditions to match the right email

Use conditions to process only some emails

Conditions are your friends ;), very simple to add rules to apply action when it match:

  • If sender email...
  • If recipient (To / Bcc / cc)...
  • If subject...
  • ...

You can even schedule when the filter is active. For example only monday during 9:00 to 11:00.

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For any Windows

This software only runs on Windows, it is safe and signed with an electronic certificate.
It can be installed on Windows 11, 10, 8, server 2022, 2019 / 2016 / 2012.

For Windows

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We offer white label solution for companies, as well as solution affiliation for reselling products.

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TrustPilot ratings Excellent
We are a multinational distribution service for a company across the other side of our country. A proposal was forwarded to us to store and distribute their stock, the problem was that all the invoicing and shipping/ customs documentation was generated interstate and we couldn't wait for express airbags to arrive as prompt delivery on generation of orders gets return trade. Setting up a remote networked printer here to print out invoices and documents generated interstate was not an answer as there was no accountability/ confirmation that all printing had completed and successfully at that. As we received over 100 invoice documents in .pdf form a day, the number of mouse clicks to get a final print were 8, and scrolling slowly one by one down through an email list, you could actually end up missing one or two, which then gave you disappointed customers missing deliveries. I discovered Autoprint email from Namtuk shortly after getting this contract and searching the web for something to automate the printing of our invoices and other documentation, without adding exorbitant costs of software development to our business. Through some continual correspondence with Jean Claude throughout development of Version 3 of Autoprint email we arrived at the needed solution to our business, now we can determine the invoices arriving and discard the header page saving paper and ink, print other particular filtered documentation and have a confirmation log and cross check system that we are then able to send back to head office to confirm reciept of documents and print completion. Overall it has reduced about 60 man hours a week of receiving and printing each document down to 5 minutes at the end of day to check the log and send it back to head office. Well Done Jean Claude ++++++++++++
Footworks Australasia - aka loco
I had some issues getting the program to activate, and was dismayed when I saw that there was no phone number for support, but the email based support ended up being very quick and reliable. They took care of my issue really quickly, helped me transfer the activation key I had purchased (as my company had bought the wrong one) to the proper version, and all with no hassle. The program does exactly what it claims to do, and it does so reliably and efficiently. If the program meets any of your needs, give it a shot.

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Automatic Email Manager in summary

Automatic Email Manager is a software installed on your Windows PC Desktop, tablet or server. It monitors your e-mail box, automatically detects new emails and applies the defined action(s) such as print email and/or attachments (FAX, PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,...), delete, copy or move the emails to another folder on the server, save emails and attachments on disk, merge in a single PDF, send automatic reply or forward email, call a web service, publish on Teams, Slack, Telegram messenger, send notification to your phone, create a list of incoming emails addresses and much more... All this directly to your e-mailbox without any download in your email reader software (like Outlook, Pegasus, Lotus note,...).
The software runs as a Windows Service in the background and does not need any user interaction to work.
All the data (emails, rules,...) are stored locally on the computer you installed Automatic Email Manager, at no moment it is on our side, you keep control on your data.

How it will help you?

You have a restaurant with online order? Receive your orders directly to your printers in kitchen and desk...
You own a webshop? Send automatic reply to each order, print invoice and picking list to the delivery printer...
You are an agency? You need to save all emails in PDF, eml or text format archiving...
You just want to receive your important emails/attachments and apply actions?
This is the best solution for you, try it now »

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