What is the rescue action


Get alternative on failure

if a main action (like print email, save attachments, merge email and attachments in pdf,...) fails for any reason you can decide to stop here and don't process the next action(s), or just do a rescue action like send an email...

Here the list of possible actions to do in case of failure:

  • Continue to the next action normaly: It is the default value
  • Continue to the next group of actions if one exists: It stop to process actions in current group and go directyl to next group
  • Stop here for this email: Don't process any actions for this email and go to the next email
  • Do this action: Choose an action to do like send an email, print to another printer,...

The rescue action is available only for actions processed on the computer like Print, Save, Send email, Send http command, add to a user list,... It is not available for actions on server side like 'Copy email', 'Move email', 'Delete email', 'Mark email'.

Rescue action runs in case of failure

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