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SkyVerge is responsible for developing the well-renowned extension 'Print Invoice & Picking list' which handles invoices, picking lists, and pick lists for your WooCommerce store. It allows easy access to print documents, which come straight from the Orders page. It also allows customers to view their invoices in the “My Account” page while editing orders. This also helps save a lot of time.
SkyVerge developers are a leading partner for , with over 50 premium WooCommerce extensions / modules / add-ons available. They are also a customer favorite and customer trusted.

But how to auto print? Automatic Email Manager comes in very handy for auto printing services. Set the Skyverge module to send emails automatically with the invoice and picking list attached. On the other side, Automatic Email Manager is taking the receipts, and these emails are printed without any manual labor.

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SkyVerge extension 'Print Invoices and Packing lists'
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How to setup the extension?

SkyVerge extension settings for WooCommerce

1. Setup your WooCommerce with SkyVerge extension

  • Install the module directly from WooCommerce store here »
  • Configure your invoice and packing slip information under the plugin settings
  • Set the recipient email to receive the invoice and/or packing list, this email will be used in Automatic Email Manager
  • You can adjust any document styling or appearance with the live preview
If you need more information on the settings or extension possibilities, we suggest visiting this SkyVerge blog post  

2. Setup on Automatic Email Manager

  • Install Automatic Email Manager trial on your PC, click here to download and install »
  • Click on 'Accounts', and 'Add account'
  • Enter the email address you set in WooCommerce extension to receive your invoices and packing lists and follow the instruction on screen
  • Add the action Print Attachment(s) once the account is set
  • Spam can be avoided by providing conditions (see below in the tips section)

Best tips to improve your experience

#1. Avoid the spam, print only invoices and packing lists

Spam emails can be easily filtered by setting conditions in your printer settings. Add rules in your subject box like, invoice %OR% picking and this will help avoid spam . The following picture shows how you can set the conditions (Read more on possible conditions »):

Settings for antispam

#2. Save a copy of your invoices and/or packing lists for archiving

Automatic Email Manager makes it easy for you to save any invoice or picking lists. So, if you're looking for a solution, look no further. All you have to do is add a 'save attachment' action on your first print and save it to any disk location of your device. (Read more on how to save attachments on disk »)

Backup wooCommerce invoices automatically

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