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  • Your emails & attachmentsDIRECTLY TO YOUR PRINTERS
  • Save on disk automatically emails & attachmentswith a lot of options like converting in PDF
  • Reply, forwards automatically your emailsdelete on server, execute process, ...
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What is Automatic Email Manager?

Automatic Email Manager is a software that is capable of monitoring your e-mailbox and automatically detects new emails then applies the defined action(s) such as printing email and/or attachments (can be a FAX, PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,...), deleting or moving the emails on the server, backup emails and attachments on disk, merging in PDF, sending automatic reply or forward email, and much more... All this directly to your e-mailbox without any download in your email reader software (like Outlook, Pegasus, Lotus note,...), the software run as a Windows Service and does not need any user interaction to work.
Very easy to use you can define filters based on email content or attachment to apply actions or not...

How it will help you?

You are a restaurant? Receive your orders directly to your kitchen and desk...
You own a webshop? Send automatic reply to each order, print invoice and order on the delivery printer...
You are an agency? You need to save all emails for archive, get it in PDF, eml, txt,...
You just want to receive your important emails/attachment to your Evernote account?
Unlimited cases of studies...

approved Approved by thousands happy customers around the world.

Let's check any emails box

Automatic Email Manager checks your email box at regular intervals or at a specific time and applies all the actions that you set. It is extremely easy to setup with the assistant, it is able to connect to any email box using IMAP4 or POP3, Exchange server 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / ... /, Cloud emails service Office 365, Local emails from Outlook database, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail,, Orange mail,...

all emails providers are supported

Read tutorials on adding your email-box »

Process any attachments

Get all your email attachments such as PDF,  Office Word, Excel, images, photos, electronic fax, any files,..., and set automatic actions such as printing, saving in pdf, forward email, execute external program, ...

A full range of automatic Actions

Receive on printers

Are you in need of receiving important emails and/or attachments directly to your printers?
It is very easy to print to any printers for any particular email body and attachments. With filters you can even change printer if email subject or attachment match a rule.
There are numerous printer options that are available such as the number of copies, time stamp, limit the number of characters, receipt printer, and so many more options...

Save on disk

This action let you backup your emails and/or attachments on a disk or any other storage automatically, you can even choose to convert email to save:

  • Adobe acrobat PDF
  • EML
  • MSG
  • Text
  • image PNG, Tif or jpeg

This is not all, you are able to define the folder & file names with variable such as date / time / email fields / ...

Read a tutorial on saving attachments »

Convert in PDF

Convert and merge your email body with attachments* like Office Word, Excel, pictures, text,..., into a single PDF file. It is ideal for archiving, and like the backup function you can define the folder and file names with variables, so easy to use...

*Only some attachments type can be converted in PDF

Send, Reply, forward emails

Do you need to send confirmation automatically? or simply forward an email copy? or just send emails if a specific email or attachment is received?
Set the action to send, reply, forward emails with email template, you can even add file(s) or forward the original email as attachment...

See how to setup the send emails »

TIPS: Read this tutorial to know how to transfer your emails/attachment to your Evernote account »

And much more...

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Customer feedback

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Automatic Email Manager has been providing us with creative routing and printing flexibility that no other product can match. We have been using this since Version 3, 2008. Version 5 has some great new features, including a new scheduling feature that allows us new options previously not available. Support is always highly responsive. A great value for a serious email management tool.

IT Manager - Bluewater Vacation Rentals - North Carolina - USA

We use Auto Print Email to provide our web application users the ability to print directly from the web. This avoids the requirement to maintain multiple printer drivers on multiple OSs. Simple single click printing from the web. We initially had a few problems at our end but with the assistance of the people at Namtuk, our issue was quickly resolved. Superb customer service.

Wedding Rings Direct